What Target Speed or Loudness Should I Use?

BlueCats Beacons ship with two main communication settings: Target Speed and Loudness. Determining the correct Beacon configuration, is key to getting the most battery life and performance out of your Beacon.

Target Speed: The target speed is the advertising interval. This is how often frequency of which your Beacon is sending your advertisements.

Sit: 1,285 ms
Stroll: 760 ms
Walk: 319 ms
Jog: 153 ms
Run: 100 ms

Walking Jog
Walk-Diagram Jog-Diagram

Loudness: Loudness is the strength or intensity of which the advertisements are broadcasted.

Whisper: -21 dBm
Mutter: -15 dBm
Talk: -9 dBm
Shout: 1 dBm
Scream: 5 dBm

Talking Area Shout Area
Walk-Area Shout-Area

It may be tempting to have your target speeds at Run and Loudness at Scream, but this can kill your battery life. For most use cases, we recommend Walk (Target Speed) and Talk (Loudness). For demos and quick response times, we have found that Run and Shout are the best for clear communication.

However, we understand that for each use case is different. This is why we allow an array of settings to choose from for your application with our Beacons. Target Speed refers to the passing speed of your target device. Target Speed can also be used to compensate for heavy interference environments or be used to ensure quick app responsiveness by increasing the number of BLE advertisements.

With this in mind we bring up a third parameter: Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) or Measured Power. Measured Power is the value communicating the expected received signal strength indication one meter from the beacon, as called RSSI at one meter. You can use RSSI along with the signal strength received by a device to approximate the distance of the device from the beacon.

The default measured power for the respective levels of Loudness are:

Whisper: -76 dBm
Mutter: -71 dBm
Talk: -67 dBm
Shout: -56 dBm
Scream: -51 dBm

Privacy for your Advertisements

BlueCats beacons rotate their Bluetooth MAC Address to enhance the privacy of your network. This can be set within the Web Manager and applied with BlueCats Reveal. Please note that low (i.e. value of 1 minute) privacy duration values can hinder updating Beacons from some devices. When the privacy duration is set to 0, the address does not change.