Loop API

This describes the resources for the Loop API. If you have any problems or requests contact support@bluecats.com.

Loop API 0.4.1

  • New Rules endpoint. This enpoint allows the creation of rules and deleting of rules if you have admin or root access.

Loop API 0.3.5

  • Access Control endpoint is used to lookup what objects/devices have access to a specific place.

Loop API 0.3.4

  • Events were added to the Schema endpoint so that there can be expected values.

Loop API 0.3.3

  • Group By Datepart - functions are now allowed in group by selections, for now limited to ‘year’, ‘month’, ‘day’, and ‘hour’ on datetime fields, for instance the following query.
  • GET events now supports the ‘tsStart’ and ‘tsEnd’ url parameters, these optional parameters must be included together if used, should be in the standard datetime string format we’ve been using, and will act as ‘between’ selectors (inclusive) for the returned events.
  • POST objects (object creation) will now accept a 32 character hex string in the ‘id’ field which will then be used as the object’s id.
  • Added user and group POST & PATCH. Works similar to object POST & PATCH. Relies on schema. For users, ‘email’ is required on both POST & PATCH as it serves as the id. Only authorized users can use these endpoints.

Loop API 0.3.2

  • Schema field descriptions - Basically a list of all the keys that could be in a schema object and what they mean.
  • Search now supports IN for where clauses. Example Below:

Loop API 0.3.1

  • For Event Queries, ObjectID is now required and limit is now optional.
  • Object create and edit response has changed to return json dictionary with objectType and id e.g. {“objectType”: “Device”, “id”: “4b3890e4fb580c6e9443b6081d0a1628”}.
  • Search: from can include log type.
  • Add header X-API-HEADER to EVERY request, value of 1.
  • Groups now have placeParentID in schema.

Loop API 0.3.0

  • Login is now a POST to receive credentials instead of GET.
  • GET The new Schema endpoint allows to search more information about what is avialble for Objects.
  • PATCH or DELETE to the objects endpoint allows for editing and deleting objects is now availible.
  • POST JSON to the Search Endpoint which allows search resources with Clause dictionaries and Comparison Operators.

Loop API 0.2.1

  • Loop API 0.2.1 is the first release of the Loop API, which allows for Object creation, Event creation, object search, and much more.